Speakers and event pages

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The Fest theme contains a custom post type – Speakers. As you can see in the back-end, there is a special tab in the sidebar: Using this tab you can add new speakers. Please remember few important facts: 1) The speakers category layout: is strictly connected with the category view override based on the following […]

Sponsors logotypes

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The Fest theme contains a special structure for the sponsors logotypes. First special place is located in the sponsors widget area. There you can place a following structure: <div class=”gk-sponsors”> <h2>Sponsors</h2> <div> <a href=”#”><img src=”images/demo/sponsor1.png” alt=”Sponsor #1″></a> <a href=”#”><img src=”images/demo/sponsor2.png” alt=”Sponsor #2″></a> … <a href=”#”><img src=”images/demo/sponsor1.png” alt=”Sponsor #N”></a> </div> </div> The logotypes will be animated on […]

Header animation


The header animation is based on our simple CSS animation engine, which uses a simple JavaScript code Our simple animation engine is based on the data-* attributes. For creating animation please creata a container with class gk-animation and put elements inside it. We recommend to style these elements in the css/extensions.css file. You have to […]