Schedule typography


The schedule is based on our custom HTML structure – it is a little bit more complex than other typography elements but it was necessary to create a proper HTML structure. We will describe the code based on the below example: [code] <dl class=”gk-schedule”> <dt><strong>Friday, </strong>April 27, 2012</dt> <dd> <strong>10:00-12:00</strong> <div class=”gkcol1″> <div><span>Registration</span></div> </div> </dd> […]

GK Speakers

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GK Speakers is a simple widget which is used to display the speakers available in the content. Please use for this widget the special widget area – speakers: The configuration of the widget is really simple: You have to specify the category slug for the category with your speakers – the speaker article should contain […]

GK Comments


GK Comments is a simple widget to display latest comments with user avatars: The configuration of the widget is really simple: As you can see, there are three important options: Avatar size – this option is used to specify the size of the avatars displayed under each comment. Word count – this option specifies the […]

GK News Show Pro


GK News Show Pro is a complex and powerful widget used for displaying posts with thumbnails and additional content like title, text and additional information. The configuration of the widget contains a lot of useful options: Let’s start with describing the Data source section – this section contains all important options connected with selecting posts […]